Explorer version problem

When you click on the dashboard installation URL, this message appears:
"Sorry, your browser or browser version is incompatible. Your Internet browser is either not Microsoft Internet Explorer or is lower than the 5.01 version."

Cause of problem:
You are trying to enter the survey with a version of Internet Explorer lower than 5.01 or with an incompatible browser such as Netscape.


  • Check your browser’s version:
    • If you are using an AOL browser, go to the Help menu and click on About AOL. Only versions 6.0 - 9.0 are compatible with an Invoke Solutions survey. If you have an incompatible version, you may choose to use Microsoft Internet Explorer instead. Go to Start -> Programs -> Internet Explorer to open Microsoft Internet Explorer. Go to the Help menu and click on About Internet Explorer to check its version. Versions 5.01 and above are compatible with Invoke Solution’s surveys.

    • Check your Internet Explorer version. Go to the web browser's menu bar at the top of your screen. Go to Help and choose About Internet Explorer.  Only version 5.01 and later are compatible with the Invoke event.

  • If the version of your Internet Explorer browser is lower than 5.01, you may do the following:

    • If you have a fast connection and the survey event has not started yet,
      you can download a newer version before the session begins.

    • If you have a dial-up connection and the event is about to begin or has already begun, unfortunately you will not be able to attend this particular session, but you can still upgrade your browser for future events.

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