Unsuccessful login

Login does not succeed and a message appears:
“Login unsuccessful. Please check your User ID and password and try again. Tip: Please check the case of the letters you typed, and whether you inserted spaces or tabs. If the problem persists, contact your administrator.”

Cause problem:
User ID or password are wrong.


  • Check Caps-Lock:
    Check that the Caps-Lock key is not on: Press the Caps-Lock key and verify that the light in the keyboard signifying that Caps-Lock is on has been turned off. .

  • Check multi-lingual Windows:
    Does your operation system support other languages? Can you type languages other than English, on your computer? If you can, check that you are typing in English before you enter the password.

  • Enter the password manually:
    Type in the password manually. Do not copy and paste it from the invitation, because copying the password may copy extra characters with it.

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