A connection error

Login fails and the following message appears: “Sorry, a connection error occurred. Please check the connection to the Internet. If the problem persists, close the current window and restart the application.”

Cause of problem:
The Dashboard application has trouble reaching our servers. This usually is a result of bad proxy settings, firewall program, or bad connection.


  • Make sure the URL is correct:
    Make sure you click the URL from the invitation you received for this event. You may have accidentally clicked a URL from an invitation to a previous event.

  • Check connection to the Internet:
    Test the connection to the Internet: Try to reach a different site with your browser. In the address bar of your browser type in the following address: WWW.IBM.COM, and press enter. Does the site come up? If it does not, you might be experiencing problems with your internet connection. I copied  the wording from the Participant wording.

  • Restart the login process:
    Close the Dashboard application and click the URL from your Invitation again.

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