High Internet security level

After the dashboard installation a dialogue box message appears, indicating that the security level is not set to medium:
"Our compatibility test indicates that your security level is not set to Medium. In order to run this application, you will need to reset the level to Medium.”  

Cause of problem:
The browser’s security and/or privacy settings are incompatible with the Invoke session requirements.


  • If you have a Continue option in the pre-login compatibility test window:Click on the Continue button at the bottom right-hand side  of the window. This will automatically configure your security level to medium.

  • If you do not have a Continue option (an Offline Installation):
    Check and change security settings:
    1. Internet Explorer security settings: In your browser’s menu bar, click on Tools. In the Tools menu, choose Internet Options. In the Internet Options window that opens, click on the Security tab. Make sure that the globe icon at the far left titled Internet is highlighted. In the Security level for this zone section of the window, check whether the security level is set to Medium. If not, click on the Default level button.
    2. Internet Explorer privacy settings: In the Internet Options window, click on the Privacy tab. If privacy is not set to Medium, click on the Default level button.

    • Retry:
      Press the Close button at the bottom right-hand side of the error message and click on the URL again.

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