Low screen resolution

After the Dashboard has been installed ,a message appears, indicating  that the screen resolution is too low:
“Our compatibility test indicates that your screen resolution is lower than 1024*768 pixels and High Color (16 bit). Before using the MI-Live Dashboard, please change your resolution to 1024*768 pixels and High Color (16 bit) or higher.”
Note: The messages appearing following an online installation may differ slightly from that appearing after an off-line installation. 

Cause of the Problem:
The current screen settings are incompatible with the Invoke Dashboard application.

Try to change settings to 1024*768, and high color 16 bit: 

Step 1: Open the Control Panel
In Microsoft Windows XP, click on the Start button at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen and click on  Control Panel.
The Control Panel window appears.

Step 2: Adjust display settings
In the Control Panel window, double-click on the Display icon. A Display Properties window opens. Select the Settings tab.
In Microsoft Windows XP:
1.     Adjust the screen resolution:
Check the resolution in the Screen resolution section at the left-hand side of the Settings tab in the Display Properties window. If your current setting is lower than 1024x768, move the slider to the right until it reaches the desired settings. If you are unable to move the slider, the screen card is incompatible.
2.     Adjust the color depth:
Check the color palette in the Color quality section on the right-hand side of the Settings tab in the Display Properties window. Choose High Color (16 bit) from the drop-down list. If you do not have this option, your screen card is incompatible.
3.     After adjusting the color depth, be sure to double check the screen resolution:
Check that the Screen resolution slider is still on 1024*768. If the slider jumps back to a lower resolution, the card is incompatible.

Step 3: Accept the resolution and color changes

    1.     in the Setting tab of the Display Properties window, click Apply:
    A confirmation pop-up message appears.

2.     In the MonitorSetting pop-up message that appears. Click Yes.
3.     Click OK to close the Display Properties window. If the required screen resolution cannot be attained, unfortunately you will not be able to attend the session.

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