You can include anything that can be shown on the web (such as pictures and video). This includes: Flash Files (FLV and SWF), GIF, JPG, HTML and formatted text. A Stimuli Guideline document is available to help you (or your external agency) determine the best way to deliver and package the materials to ensure optimal quality. The Invokeject Manager is also available to assist with recommendations.

The content of the session is available to the participants only during the live session. At that point, only participants who have received the session URL address and have been assigned a user ID and password can attend and view the stimuli. The Technical Moderator may also remove the stimuli from view at any point. At the end of the session, the Technical Moderator usually instructs the system to delete all session content from the participants’ computers and their browser caches. Our experience shows that clients have been satisfied with this method and it has not delayed or prevented them from conducting studies.

While visual stimuli can be very helpful and effective, we have done many successful sessions with only written statements (especially in the case of early stage communications testing and innovation research – where you may only have a text description or “napkin drawing” of an idea). The novelty of the Invoke platform and the real time aspects are generally enough to keep participants engaged.