Yes, it is possible to get a “restricted observer” password. This will allow the observer to view the session but not have access to the Post-session Dashboard or the electronic transcripts at the end of the session.

In many cases, the researcher who designed the study will moderate the study and is in the same room with you. At other times, a phone bridge is utilized to tie remote observers and the research moderator together. In either case, the ability to have the researcher and your team share findings and collaborate on possible on-the-fly questions during the session is integral to the Invoke experience.

In an Invoke session you can invite up to 30 of your stakeholders to participate as Observers. Depending on your needs, some of these can be “Advanced Observers”. Being an Advanced Observer allows you to chat with participants, view a list of logged-in observers and participants, remove an inappropriate or unruly participant, invite other observers or participants from within the dashboard, and to download the Pack & Go Dashboard at the conclusion of a study. In summary, you have the flexibility to decide the level of control you wish to give your Observers.

If the number you need to dial in to the event’s conference call is not in the invitation email, please refer to your event contact person.
The person in charge of this project should have the conference call information and they have probably distributed this information via email. If you do not have it or cannot find it please contact this person.

It is possible to run two sessions simultaneously.

You can observe multiple sessions from the same computer. The Dashboard application allows you to open as many instances of the application as you need. You  just need to click on the URL in the Invitation to the second session and log-in, without closing the previous application window.

Concurrent sessions:
In some cases, after entering your user name and password, a window will appear, prompting you to select a session from a list of two or more sessions. Just select one of them, and then, after clicking on the URL from the second invitation and logging in, select the other session.

Consecutive sessions:
You can observe an event that has ended. The dashboard for this session will be in offline mode. You can open an additional dashboard for the second session when it begins.