The number of sessions is determined by the number of participants needed, number of concepts being tested (if applicable), whether you want to use Concept Rotation, and/or if you want to talk to different types of groups (e.g. different screening criteria for different sessions).

Plan for approximately 10 business days from agreement signing to the session start date. This includes obtaining costs, securing facilitators, developing the questionnaire/discussion guide and screener and approximately 7 business days for recruiting attendees.

HR studies can often be conducted more quickly.

An open-ended question with the voting feature turned on (Open Public Voted) usually needs about 2 minutes. An open-ended question without the voting feature turned on (Open Private) needs about 1 minute. A closed-ended question typically requires around 20 seconds.

Yes, discussion guides are generally prepared to be 45 minutes in length. This allows for approximately 15 minutes of additional probing and on-the-fly questioning.

Anyone who is not moderating or participating in the session is an observer. Up to 30 observer logins can be provided to view the session from various locations via the Internet. Invoke Solutions will email detailed instructions on how to download the software to each observer, as well as a user ID and password to log into the session. It is also common for observers to be connected via phone to benefit from a real-time discussion of the results.

For internal studies (e.g. HR)
Participants are typically targeted and invited from an employee list. The client provides the list of intended invitees. The client also makes the initial contact with invitees to communicate that they will be receiving contact from Invoke. This client-led communication is a critical step in ensuring a high show rate.

For market research studies
The recruitment of participants can be handled by your preferred panel vendor or Invoke can recommend a list of reliable vendors. Alternatively, recruitment can be generated from other sources such as a customer database.

Yes. Participants can join the Invoke session using Mac, PC and any one of the common web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari).

No, questions are asked and answered by participants at the same time. The pace is controlled by the Technical Moderator and depends on the speed and response rate of the participants.

Prior to the session, participants are sent a link via email, along with a user ID and password. They do not have to download or install any software.

The Technical Moderator can exit any participant at any time during the session.

The moderator’s interaction with the participants is facilitated by the platform. Although most of the discussion is pre-programmed, participants often get the sense that it is a live dialogue between them and the moderator. The addition of on-the-fly questions and chat functionality further enhances this dynamic.

We have developed a comprehensive list of “Best Practices” to help ensure a successful Invoke study. However, there are three general rules to keep in mind when conducting a live session:

  • Keep a good balance between quantitative and qualitative questioning. A study that is too skewed either way does not optimize the full potential of the Invoke platform.

  • Do not over-load the discussion guide with too many questions. Save plenty of room in the discussion guide for on-the-fly probing.

  • Use stimuli as much as possible to engage the participants. A stimuli-rich study invites higher participation and keeps participants fully engaged from beginning to end.

Invoke has a staff of research professionals who work with clients to develop study objectives, discussion guides, and recruitment screeners. They also provide post-session analysis research. We also work through channel partners who provide their own researchers and moderators and we have a Certified Moderator program to train and equip any interested qualitative moderator on the Invoke Platform.

The penetration of the Internet has increased to the point where we have great confidence that we can find the right people for your session, as long as the target represents an incidence level in the general population that is achievable. We’ve conducted studies among a very large cross-section of the population…from business professionals to primary grocery shoppers to retired workers.

Each of our certified panel vendors has systems in place to maintain the cleanliness of their members. In addition to our certified panel vendors Invoke also includes criteria during the screening process to weed out serial survey takers.

Invoke’s advanced keyword algorithm automatically highlights any words (or family of words) that occur at frequency of over 10 percent. You can also choose to include or exclude any additional keywords, for example if you are interested in tracking a particular tagline or catchphrase.