Error 1001


  • During the event, an error message appears:
    “Sorry, an internal error occurred, please restart the application.”

  • The connection icon at the bottom corner of your screen is red.

  • Cause of problem
    This error occurs when the same sign-in credentials are used twice in a single session. This might happen if you opened two separate browser instances and tried to sign in to the session from both instances using the same sign-in credentials.

    Close all open browser windows, and re-sign in.

    Please note: Closing your browser may prevent you from reaching the session again.
    If you received an invitation email to participate in the session, click on the URL from the invitation. If that still does not help, copy the URL link from the invitation to the browser
    If you reached the session link through a panel website, contact the panel company and ask them for the link.

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