Invoke Solutions is not a recruiting company and has no influence on the selection of participants. If you wish to participate in one of our studies, please contact your recruiting company/online panel. If you are not yet registered with a recruiting or panel company and would like to do so, you may easily find a suitable consumer or business panel company on the Internet.

Incentives for participating in an Invoke session are generally paid within 30-45 days of completing a study.

In all issues concerning your incentive /reward, please contact the panel company that recruited you to participate in our session. If you are not sure of your panel company, please refer to the original invitation you received to participate in the study.

Please note that Invoke Solutions is not a recruiting company. We are the company that conducts the sessions, and have no influence on the people chosen to participate, or on the amount and payment of the incentive/reward.

No. Invoke Solutions sessions run on a web application that uses an Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Most browsers include this plug in by default. No further installations are required.

Some firewall and antivirus programs may hinder communication with our servers, preventing you from participating in the study. Disabling these programs may help. You may choose to do so, at your discretion, but please be aware that you will be temporarily decreasing your level of protection. When you participate from work or a public institution, communications to our servers may be prevented by a firewall program that the company is using.

1. If you received an email invitation to participate in a session, the panel company that recruited you for this study is responsible for sending the session access instructions.

You should receive the access instructions approximately one day prior to the session. If you did not receive the instructions in time, either you were not listed for the event even though you had agreed to participate, or there was a problem in sending you the email. Please contact your panel company to clarify the matter.

Please note: Invoke Solutions is the company that conducts the studies and provides technical support for study participants. Invoke Solutions is not a panel or recruiting company.

2. If you reached the session through a panel company’s website, please follow the instructions on your screen. For further assistance you are welcome to contact our helpdesk at One of our support agents will respond within one business day.

There are two ways in which you can access an Invoke session. One is through an email invitation sent to you by the panel company and the other is through a panel company’s website.

1. Via an email invitation from the panel company:
If you meet the criteria for a research study and you have been selected by your panel company to participate, they will email you access instructions. This will include the date, time and length of your session as well as your User ID, password, and a customized link to log in to the session. You will receive the email invitation with this information approximately one day prior to the session. Sometimes the panel company may first confirm your interest by sending you an email about the study. Again, if you are selected, you will receive a follow up email invitation with all your access instructions.
To enter the session you will need to click on the session link (URL) at least 10 minutes prior to the session start time, accept the plug-in by saying "Yes" and enter your password.
Please Note:

  • There is limited space available, so only the first to arrive will be able to participate.

  • Invoke Solutions is not a recruiting company, and we have no influence on the recruiting process.

  • 2. Via a panel company’s website:
    The other way by which participants can reach an Invoke session is through a link provided by the panel company via their website.

    Click here for our index page for technical troubleshooting.
    If you did not find a solution in our Help Index, please contact us at One of our support agents will  respond within one business day.
    If you are CURRENTLY participating in an Invoke session, call the toll-free number that appears at the top of the session screen or in the error message screen (available one hour before the beginning of each session). If you received an invitation email to participate in the session, you can find the toll-free number there.
    If you do not see the toll-free number at the top right-hand corner of your screen, please send us an email to and mention as many details as you can, such as your nickname, log-in time and the link (URL) which directed you to the session as it appears in your browser’s Address bar.

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